Talent Economy Week in Review: February 5-9, 2018

These were the top TE stories from this week. Plus, the best of what we read from around the web.
future of workplace learning

These were the top Talent Economy stories for the week of February 5-9, 2018:

The Future of Workplace Learning: A number of factors ailing the traditional higher education industry have some calling into question what its role will be in preparing students for the future workforce. This four-part story is by Talent Economy editors Lauren Dixon, Ave Rio, Andie Burjek and contributor Michelle V. Rafter.

3 Stigmas and Solutions in Executive Coaching: Whether an executive feels stigmatized when being coached depends on the approach management takes, writes Senior Editor Lauren Dixon.

How to Build a High-Performing Machine-Learning Team: Here’s how to find machine-learning experts, nurture your existing ones and ramp up all of their skills, via Talent Economy Influencer David Parmenter.

Ailing Health Care System Gets a Shot From Amazon, Berkshire and JPMorgan: Experts in the health care space are realistic about how long it would take for CEOs Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett and Jamie Dimon to implement change in the health care industry. Still, they’re optimistic that this is a move in the right direction, reports Associate Editor Andie Burjek.

Talent10x: Jellyvision’s Harry Gottlieb on Financial Wellness: Former Managing Editor Frank Kalman talks with Harry Gottlieb, founder and chairman of The Jellyvision Lab Inc., about the importance of financial wellness and its impacts on health.

Finally, these are the top talent stories we’re reading from around the web for this week:

Here’s how workers and customers at Walmart feel about the new shelf-scanning robot, writes MIT Technology Review.

In a partnership between Esquire and Marie Claire magazines, contributors address 21 questions associated with the #MeToo movement.

Despite generous paid leave and social policies in Scandinavia, women still face a motherhood penalty. Some say it’s men who should take on more of the child rearing responsibilities to help fix the persisting pay gap, writes The New York Times.

Facebook has a new policy on dating at work: Only ask a co-worker out on a date once, reports The Wall Street Journal.

Cloud computing is changing how leaders manage, writes Harvard Business Review.