Talent Economy Week in Review: March 12-16, 2018

These were the top TE stories from this week. Plus, the best of what we read from around the web.
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These were the top Talent Economy stories for the week of March 12-16, 2018:

A Celebration of Women in the Workplace: Accenture’s Getting to Equal event shared stories of fighting for equality and challenged every leader to disrupt their workplace in support of gender diversity, writes Talent Economy Influencer Sarah Fister Gale.

Talent10x: Korn Ferry CEO Gary Burnison on Networking: CEO Gary Burnison talks with Senior Editor Lauren Dixon about the importance of networking in building a career.

Will Tax Cuts Give Rise to a New American Apprenticeship?: Savings from the new tax plan can enrich business investment in talent development through apprenticeships, write Talent Economy Influencers Jamai Blivin and Frank Britt.

Continuous Recognition Connects Employees to Mission and Values: Mission and values statements are important, but many employees don’t fully understand them, writes Talent Economy Influencer Debra Corey.

Video: 3 Steps to Align Culture With Business Strategy: Emotion and data can help align culture with business strategy, writes Senior Editor Lauren Dixon.

Finally, these are the top talent stories we’re reading from around the web for this week:

Low unemployment in the U.S. means rising wages, more automation and strategic moves, according to BBC.

The Netherlands limits CEO pay, but this leads to some CEOs receiving salaries one-tenth the size of their American counterparts, writes Quartz.

Female entrepreneurs tend to judge their startup’s success more harshly than male entrepreneurs, though this disparity evens out over time, reports Startland News.

In the absence of government-funded social safety nets, America’s poor increasingly rely on compensation for donating their plasma and thus fuel a booming industry, writes The Atlantic.

Automattic’s head of computational design and inclusion said that inclusion is the skill to hone to stay ahead of artificial intelligence, according to Fast Company.

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