Talent Economy Week in Review: April 9-13, 2018

These were the top TE stories from this week. Plus, the best of what we read from around the web.

These were the top Talent Economy stories for the week of April 9-13, 2018:

Equal Pay Day Highlights Gender Inequality at Work: Equal Pay Day is a symbolic marker to raise awareness of the gender pay gap. This year, Equal Pay Day fell on April 10, which is, on average, how far into the year women must work to earn the wages that men earned the previous year. Learn more in the video from Talent Economy Associate Editor Ave Rio and Producers Andrew Lewis and Nina Howard.

9 Best Practices for Recruiting via Social Media: Potential job candidates spend time on social media. Here are some ways to reach them, writes Senior Editor Lauren Dixon.

Talent10x: Jonathan Calmus on Creating a Startup Counter Culture: CEO and Founder Jonathan Calmus talks with Senior Editor Lauren Dixon about how he’s changing access to entrepreneurial success.

The Next Generation of Leaders: As the younger workforce moves into higher-level roles, generational leadership differences provide insight into where leadership development should focus, writes Talent Economy Contributor Marygrace Schumann.

HR Responds to the #MeToo Movement: Stepped-up compliance and awareness training efforts are just the beginning to show employees the industry is on their side in ongoing workplace sexual harassment claims, writes Talent Economy Influencer Michelle Rafter.

Video: 5 Pay Practices to Attract and Retain Millennial Talent: Generation Y’s rise as the most populous generation in the economy comes with a nuanced set of compensation preferences, says Senior Editor Lauren Dixon.

Finally, these are the top talent stories we’re reading from around the web for this week:

Following the changes to H-1B rules, many spouses of Indian workers have to change their life plans, reports The New York Times.

Here’s how sexual harassment at work impacts the wage gap, via Time.

Just as employees, even those with health care, often struggle to find adequate mental health care, employers struggle with assessing the quality of care that their employees are receiving, writes Fortune.

In addition to paying interns, here’s how companies can help student workers get the most out of their experience, writes Fast Company.

President Trump is considering rejoining the Trans-Pacific Partnership, reports The Guardian.

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