Talent Economy Week in Review: June 11-15, 2018

These were the top TE stories from this week. Plus, the best of what we read from around the web.
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These were the top Talent Economy stories for the week of June 11-15, 2018:

Talent10x: What Makes a High-Performing Leader?: Lowinn Kibbey, the global head of Johnson & Johnson’s Human Performance Institute, talks with Senior Editor Lauren Dixon about the challenges of modern leaders.

Cracks in Diversity Initiatives Widening Gender Chasm: Despite years of efforts to advance women in the workplace, they still earn less, have fewer promotions and receive less respect than men, writes Talent Economy Contributor Sarah Fister Gale.

What Value Do Innovations in Paychecks Have?: With some companies offering pay advances, cash cards and cryptocurrency options, what does this mean for talent and the companies who maintain traditional pay practices? Senior Editor Lauren Dixon has more.

Inclusive Leadership Boosts Organizational Performance: When leaders are inclusive of diverse workers, their companies could see higher profits, writes Talent Economy Influencer Mike Fetzer.

Video: What Ever Happened to the Summer Job?: Labor participation among teens in the summer continues to fall. How does that impact the workforce of the future? Watch the full video with Senior Editor Lauren Dixon.

Finally, these are the top talent stories we’re reading from around the web for this week:

The Federal Reserve raised interest rates for the seventh time since 2015, to 2 percent, reports BBC.

LGBTQ workers have historically faced discrimination in – and out of – the workplace. Here’s a brief history of their struggles at work, writes Fast Company.

Since the dawn of the #MeToo movement last October, human resources professionals have felt swamped by harassment claims reaching their desks, reports NPR.

A proposed tax in Seattle was meant to combat its homeless epidemic, but the city is considering backing down, reports Los Angeles Times.

Two luxury car manufacturers – Tesla and Rolls-Royce – announced job cuts this week, via Reuters and BBC.

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